vizvibe color logo copy VizVibe, an award-winning digital content creation company specializing in augmented reality (AR), recently graduated from the CAN BE Innovation Center after being in the space for roughly one year. They are now located on Public Square in Wilkes-Barre.

The CAN BE Innovation Center, located in West Hazleton’s Valmont Industrial Park, focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and technological growth for small and growing businesses in the local community. This initially impressed VizVibe's co-founder and CEO, Kevin Jones, and what prompted them to move into CAN BE in June 2021.

VizVibe’s time at CAN BE proved to be incredibly valuable in growing their business. Jones said, “From the moment VizVibe was created, the goal always on our minds was to create engaging and immersive content for people of all ages to experience. In order to deliver on that, it was imperative that we focus on sustainable, steady growth.”

During their time at CAN BE, VizVibe focused on hiring new team members and expanding their technology and content for Industrial AR, Manufacturing, Robotics, Automation, Education, Tourism, Communications and Consumer Advertising.

The last few years were challenging for many businesses coming out of the pandemic, but VizVibe has seen growth and success despite the challenges. Jones attributes having a collaborative space and the ability to work collaboratively as instrumental in having a successful year. In addition, Jones has stated that the opportunities and workspace CAN BE provided is what made it possible for his team to creatively connect with one another and achieve their larger goals as a business.

With the added growth of new projects and employees, it became apparent that VizVibe needed more space and that they were ready to graduate from its Hazleton offices, despite their short tenure.

“Over the past year, VizVibe has been working diligently internally and externally in making connections with our fellow innovators, he said. “Thanks to the actions within our team and the help of the CAN BE Innovation center, VizVibe was able to hit our goals much faster than we expected. With achieving our goals came the need to quickly expand our office and studio space.”

Over the summer, VizVibe began moving to their new Wilkes-Barre location, which has given them more studio space to take on new clients and additional projects. One of their latest projects includes a Craft Beverage Trail App for Schuylkill County. This marks VizVibe’s first craft beverage trail app, with more information coming soon.

While at CAN BE, VizVibe also launched a beta version of its AR KidsKit, an on-demand Augmented Reality content platform specifically designed for kids. The platform offers a library of AR experiences and activities designed to promote learning and play.

VizVibe continues to grow its interactive service offerings for all industries, including education, manufacturing, and tourism.

VizVibe’s graduation from the CAN BE Innovation Center after only a year is a testament to the unique nature of small businesses and local entrepreneurs. CAN BE’s main goal is to help entrepreneurs start businesses and grow new ventures. Incubator programs such as CAN BE provide a stepping-stone for businesses to grow and reach their full potential with the goal of expansion.

Reflecting on his time at CAN BE, Jones said, “CAN BE was a great place for not just our team to connect, but it was also a great place to be surrounded by other innovators and thrive off of the creative energy by those around you. VizVibe created some amazing memories and connections at CAN BE, and we think other businesses can definitely do the same! If you’re looking for a place to launch your ideas, there is no better place than CAN BE!”

For more information on VizVibe and to stay up-to-date on upcoming projects, visit their website at

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