Little Treats by Janna webLittle Treats & Cakes by Janna, a rising local business owned by Janna Cordero and a valued client of the Hazleton Kitchen Incubator, will be featured at an upcoming dessert showcase called ‘Classic Dessert Shots’. The showcase will occur at The HUB Welcome Center located at 13 W Broad Street in Downtown Hazleton on Saturday, August 12, starting at 2:00 PM EST.

Targeted to both professional bakers and the general community, this showcase will feature Cordero teaching attendees the art of creating delicious, beautiful, and affordable dessert shooters, followed by a dessert sampling. Participants can actively take part in some of the preparation, fostering a welcoming and engaging atmosphere. Additionally, Cordero will share tips on how to beautifully present and decorate these desserts and will provide each attendee with her cherished recipes and a list of trusted vendors.

The featured dessert flavors at the ‘Classic Dessert Shots’ showcase include Classic Tres Leches, Strawberry Cheesecake, Dulce de Leche Cheesecake, and Nutella Mousse. Cordero chose these desserts due to their accessibility. “These delightful desserts are known for their simplicity yet undeniable deliciousness,” she said, “utilizing ingredients that are readily available to most or easily accessible.”

Cordero is incredibly excited about this event because it combines two of her passions: baking and teaching. "I'm thrilled to be back teaching [because] it's something I'm truly passionate about,” she said. “Having the opportunity to do it right here in my community is priceless to me. Being able to share my knowledge and help others start their own small baking businesses is a true blessing."

Little Treats & Cakes by Janna has been thriving since joining the Hazleton Kitchen Incubator. Cordero has gained exposure through various community organizations and successfully participated in local corporate events. Reflecting on her time at the Incubator, she said, "The experience has been amazing! I've had the chance to connect with many individuals in the community, and my business has grown. Though I'm taking a short break during the summer, I can't wait to return to baking. I'm anticipating a promising and fulfilling time from September until the year's end."

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