Melina and Dallas HBPCDuring the 2024 tecBRIDGE High School Business Plan Competition, five out of the nine teams that presented in the live presentation round were from the Greater Hazleton Area. To celebrate this accomplishment, we sat down with two of our area’s participants, Melina Gregory and Dallas Huff, to learn more about them and their business plan project.

For those who may not know you, tell us who you are, what school you’re representing, and why you’re participating in this year’s competition.

MG - My name is Melina Gregory. I am representing Hazleton Area Arts and Humanities Academy. I was motivated to participate in this competition because I am very interested in pursuing business in my further education. My partner and I are very proud of our business idea, and we’re excited to share it!

DH - I’m Dallas Huff from the Hazleton Area Academy of Science. What has motivated me is seeing how much the competition really helped get other business ideas off of the ground and how CAN DO is such a helpful and inspiring company.

How does it feel to represent the community of Hazleton?

MG - I feel very lucky to be part of this community. It feels great to have such an inclusive school supporting me.

What significance does this opportunity hold for you?

MG - The opportunity to present a business idea is greatly significant to me and my future. I wish to further study business after high school, so I’m extremely grateful for every opportunity to expand my knowledge in this industry.

DH - This opportunity can lead to more opportunities after this competition, which can help me advance in the business field.

What advice would you give to fellow students interested in joining the High School Business Plan Competition next year?

MG - I recommend that other students try their best not to get discouraged when brainstorming business ideas. Self-doubt is a major part of the process, and it’s important to understand that the stress will all be worth it in order to succeed. 

DH - I would say that a big thing is to plan ahead and make sure that you are consistent with everything. When you procrastinate, the work will just pile up and not get done

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