VizVibe webVizVibe, a tech company specializing in interactive digital content creation and storytelling using augmented reality (AR), found the perfect place to make new connections and build partnerships at the CAN BE Innovation Center. Pictured are staff members, from left: Eric Thomas, Chief Information Officer; Kevin Jones, CEO; Megan Sterenchock, Design Director; and Jordan Fritz, Social Media Manager. In addition to providing a product or service with high market demand, the success of many companies – especially those in the start-up space – is often determined by the depth of their connections. VizVibe, a tech company specializing in interactive digital content creation and storytelling using augmented reality (AR), found the perfect place to make new connections and build partnerships at the CAN BE Innovation Center.

Although the company just moved its corporate offices and home base operations into CAN BE in June, VizVibe co-founder Kevin Jones said his team was already making valuable connections by attending community events and has had numerous meetings with potential clients and partners.

“We were looking for a place to scale that had a good community culture and a positive vibe, pun intended. We had been hearing a lot about what Hazleton had been doing in the downtown as well as the great partnerships the CAN BE team was building,” he said.

Jones said his team knew CAN BE would be a valuable place to relocate VizVibe's operations after their first tour of the innovation center and added that working with CAN DO Director of Economic Development, Jocelyn Sterenchock, to secure the space at CAN BE was a seamless process.

“From the first time we toured the building, through the leasing process, and with the community partnerships and connections she brings to the table, we couldn’t be happier,” he said.

The seed was planted for VizVibe’s creation in March of 2018 when Jones had the idea to turn a short, documentary film about the Selma marches of 1965 that he was asked to make into an interactive experience. Although he had worked on many documentary films over his career independently and through PBS, Jones said he really wanted to try something new, different and immersive with the project.

“Most of the time, when you produce a documentary, you tell the story in a straightforward timeline. I envisioned that the story line and timeline could be fluid and people could join in at different points throughout the experience, thus making the learning experience truly organic and free,” Jones said.

So he approached his friend, Eric Thomas, and the duo created an AR storytelling process and platform to put immersive, interactive documentaries together. Once the project was completed, other people began asking if they could use the technology to create their own AR content. So, Jones and Thomas created an easy-to-use, no-coding and intuitive AR LaunchPad platform and that was the foundation of VizVibe.

Over the past three years, VizVibe has evolved from that first documentary film project to a company that specializes in creating rich, interactive content that includes AR experiences, web apps, custom AR apps for both iOS and Android, websites, micro kiosks, videos, displays, print materials, 3D modeling, and user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design services.

“We help our clients tell an immersive story by creating additional value and engagement and enhancing the overall interactive learning experience with their brand, marketing, products or services,” Jones said.

After starting out with things like documentary films, VizVibe is turning its attention this month to the launch of its AR KidsKit, an AR on-demand network that will create engaging content and learning opportunities for children. The company is currently conducting its MVP beta testing program featuring children ages 6-13 to gather data on the platform. Once the program is officially launched, children will be able to select a module from a library of content and have an interactive experience through augmented reality.

Jones said VizVibe has plans to continue to grow its interactive content creation services to help areas such as the education, manufacturing, and tourism industries create enhanced and engaging AR content and trainings, improve production time and decrease down time.

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