Storms End Homestead joins Hazleton Kitchen Incubator, offering elderberry syrup, fire cider, and more

Storms End Homestead web 1From a young age, Sarah Fenton has always been an artist that wanted to learn new things. This creativity and pursuit of new skills would lead her to her passion for photography, journey into entrepreneurship, and today as the Hazleton Kitchen Incubator’s latest client with her nature-focused business, Storms End Homestead.

Founded in 2017, Storms End Homestead combines the art of nature with practical, sustainable living. The business started as a personal project on Fenton's one-acre homestead, where she learned how to grow her own food and raise chickens. As her family expanded, she began looking into alternative ways of living and returning to nature. This journey led her to elderberry syrup and fire cider, the first roots of a growing business.

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